When the world’s top chefs want photography as delicious as their food, Jean Cazals is top of the menu.  For over 15 years, Jean has made a global reputation in food - and travel - photography, winning accolades along the way with his trademark simple styling and natural approach.  His work covers advertising, editorial and packaging.  And his name has now appeared in over 80 books.  London-based, Jean is equally at home in the studio or on location.  He has won numerous awards, the latest being  the ‘Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture’ award in the Pink Lady 'Best Food Photographer, 2016'.  And not content with working on others’ books, he’s produced his own: ‘Tea Time’.

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Pierre Gagnaire - ’Sketch’ London

Raymond Blanc

Brendan Collins - ‘Birch’ Holywood

Chika Watanabe - ‘Melt’ London

Pascal Aussignac - ‘Club Gascon'

Philip Howard - ‘The Square’ London

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