JEAN CAZALS shoots with Pascal Aussignac

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Pascal Aussignac

In 2013 Pascal was named 'Restaurant Chef of the Year' at the Craft Guild of Chef Awards. Pascal cooks at 'Club Gascon' his 1 Michelin star restaurant in London everyday and, in addition to his role as Executive Chef, looks after the floral arrangements across all of his other award-winning restaurants situated in London: Cellar Gascon, Comptoir Gascon, Cigalon & Baranis. Pascal Aussignac hails from Toulouse in the South West of France, where foie gras, duck, fine charcuterie, cassoulet, good wines and Armagnac are the order of the day. He trained with French master Chefs like Gerard Vie, Alain Dutournier and Guy Savoy. His love of food and attention to detail has been delighting foodies & critics in London since 1998.


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