JEAN CAZALS shoots with Brendan Collins

Cook Book - Brendan Collins 'Cooking, Blokes & Artichokes’ 

Photography by Jean Cazals

"What you see is what you get". And what you see on the cover of Brendan Collins' new book, Cooking, Blokes and Artichokes, is an enormous sandwich, the thin slices of beef spilling out, practically begging you to grab it with both hands and tear into it right off the page. If this is man food, then it is meaty, gutsy, bold. "It's real food, you go to the kitchen, you start with a beer and make something like a big sandwich or something to really show off". Jean Cazals clearly hit it off with Collins, a British boy who's found his culinary home in LA. "His food is about gritty, robust, modern rustic cooking. It's served up on a kitchen table, but there are plenty of clever things which give so much character to a dish. And he really knows his meat."


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